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Enhance Knowledge

You can invest with confidence by acquiring basic knowledge about capital market

Entry & Exit

Also with the help of technical analysis you can determine your correct entry and exit.

Fundamental Strong

Evaluate how strong a company's foundation is and how capable it is to beat its competitors.

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Private Online One-To-One Consultation by Zoom with Mr. Pradip Halder

Technical Analysis

you can estimate where the stock is in support and where is the resistance and also how long it should be held.

Money Psychology

You can learn about human emotions and money psychology when investing in the capital market.

Company Founder

About Pradip Halder

Pradip Halder is a Master  of Fundamental and Technical Analysis of the Stock Market. He is a Motivational speaker & Self-development coach. He was awarded from INDIAN ACHIEVERS Forum for the Best Entrepreneur of the year 2020 And in that golden time he won the title of the best “Youngest Entrepreneur”. Pradip Halder is the Founder and CEO of PHD CAPITAL Pvt. LTD. He is an extremely passionate Person. He loves to educate people about different aspects of money Psychology and Human emotions. His invigorating talks and seminars on, Web 3.0, Crypto currency, Motivation, Leadership, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results. He began his career as an entrepreneur but gradually he started working for the benefit of the common people in the capital market and helped more than twenty thousand people in the right way. Elon Musk is his Inspirations. After benefiting thousands of people in the Indian Share Market, Pradip Halder now wants to build an ecosystem for retail investors in Bangladesh. He too is one of the highly paid coaches in stock trading areas and personal transformation. Started his journey in the capital market at the age of 12, he had to face many good times and bad times and gained experience from there, before achieving success. In those 11 years of his trading career, he learned various theories, approaches and concepts only to realize that it does not need to be so complicated.

Since then he has come up with some Secret Formulas for the betterment and welfare of the people and many people are really benefiting from using them. Pradip’s passion and natural leadership skills have helped him to become a Successful Trader, Trainer and Role Model.

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