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We help you develop 100% online presence of your business. We do professional website developemnt, digital marketing , seo and more

Why PHD Capital?

Why Choose PHD Capital


10 Years of Experience

We have 10 years of experience in practical financial market.


1200+ Registered Students

1200 Students of all age are currently taking our Wealth Education

Best Financial Educator

PHD Capital got Global Fame Awards 2023 as a best financial educator


We Provide SEBI Registered Investment Advisory. SEBI Registration Number: XXXXXXXXXXX


Nifty Beater Plan

Nifty Beater as the name suggests beats, Nifty Index! Aggressive 2X Return with Safety & Drawdown Protection



Nifty Beater as the name suggests beats, Nifty Index! Aggressive 2X Return with Safety & Drawdown Protection

Wealth Education

Our Simplified Online Stock Market and Financial Courses to empower our learners with best practical knowledge and skills


Beginner of Stock Market

Specially designed for beginners. Anyone can enroll for this course.

  1. Rebalance your investment
  2. How much risk, how much reward
  3. Get valuable feedback of portfolio
  4. predict the stock price
  5. Build a healthy portfolio.


Technical Analysis

Advanced and premium course designed for all

  1. Identify your success trends.
  2. Perfect entry and exit point.
  3. Handled on your own money.
  4. Trade in any market of the world.
  5. Prediction of price movements


Fundamental Analysis

Advanced Fundamental Analysis Masterclass for all

  1. Technical Analysis Masterclass
  2. Portfolio building
  3. Goal setting
  4. Master your welth by thought
  5. Get some expert guidance.


Need help In Investing In The Stock Market?

Do you want to invest in stock market, but dont know how to start? We have ultimate solutions for your investment journey. You can sehedule a meeting with PHD Capital for personalized solution

Wealth Education

Getting confused about which course is best for you? Get personalized suggestion of our wealth eductaion 

Maximize Your Wealth

With our robust services


Wealth Education

We provide practical financial & stock market knowledge which helps you to reach your financial goal


Investment Plan

Our investment plans gives you the best result of your investment
with safety



Our One-to-One personal mentorship program helps a investor in personal and financial growth



We provide fastrack knowledge and motivation on trending topics on our webinars



we provide training, keynote motivation in corporates, businesses, universities, colleges & schools


Free Articles & Videos

We have lots of free articles on our website & videos on youtube
& facebook.

Not sure where to start or got any questions?


Founder & CEO

Pradip Halder

ABOUT PHD Capital (P) Limited

We have the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial concepts to empower our learners with best practical knowledge and skills that brings transformation in the skill set and mindset and immediately improve the chances of success in life. Our leader Mr. Pradip Halder is the spearhead in this mission. With his 10 years of experience in teaching more than 10,000 student . Pradip Halder’s aim is to improve financial literacy in India, Bangladesh, to enable people to learn about stock markets in the most simplified way. he has been a part of the YouTube community.

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