How do you choose the stocks you suggest?

Our stock selection method is a combination of algorithmic filtering protocols and intensive analysis by our experienced team.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. We use 20+ different parameters of Technical Analysis. Some are traditional in nature and some very futuristic based on advanced systems and algos. We like to blend both the approaches to arrive at a recommendation.
  2. Quantitative screening of the stocks universe.
  3. Validation based on a proprietary methodology to drop companies based on non-negotiable fundamental parameters
  4. Further validation of a company based on the risk score we assign to each company
  5. Qualitative assessment of sustainability or robustness of growth and earnings
  6. Price and valuations considerations are based on its earnings, earnings growth, and sustainability of earnings and growth. We are also guided by the stock’s 
  7. Historical median P/E, P/B, and earnings yield.
  8. Over and above these, we have an elaborate checklist to evaluate management quality, which is of overriding importance while recommending a company.
  9. The Management needs to adhere to high standards of corporate governance, needs to be credible, ethical and free of any blemish, ideally. To bring objectivity to this,
  10. We have allocated six parameters in our risk score section, which is available for subscribers to check.
Why does PHD Capital not have free services or trial periods? Can I get my portfolio reviewed for free ?

Firstly, SEBI regulation does not allow trials, cash back or free service.
Secondly, since we are long term investors, you would not notice any significant change even if we offer a month long of trial period. We believe our client testimonials and performance record speak volumes about the value we add to our investors’ lives.
Finally, we need to pay our bills as well and facilitate our services to millions of other investors like you – so we need to be paid.
As with the other ‘unicorns’ servicing for free, they are either fooling themselves or their investors, violating regulations or plan to empty your wallets ‘tomorrow’ by offering freebies ‘today’. So, make your choices wisely.

How do I subscribe to your services?

To subscribe to our services, simply click on the package you wish to subscribe and make the payment online through the various options available.

What kind of calls do you give?

Our calls are predominantly “Buy and Hold” in nature with a time frame of 2-6 weeks in the short-term category and 4-12 weeks in the medium-term category. For Long-term investors we do present ideas that could be held for many months/quarters for higher returns.

How much time it will take to active my subscription after payment ?

Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation from our accounts team. Your subscription starts instantly.

Can I upgrade my existing plan in between ?

Yes, you can at any time.

Can I subscribe to your service Mid-Month ?

Yes you can.
Your subscription starts immediately after the payment is received for a period of Half Yearly or Yearly, as the case might be.

Can we directly talk to the CEO ?

Yes, as our Gold Premium Subscriber you have direct one on one access with our Founder and CEO, Mr.Pradip Halder twice every month. You could book a 20-min time slot in advance. As a Gold Plus subscriber, you can put questions to our Founder & Team by way of a form and have them answered within 24 hours.

If I have a specific question / Doubt on certain stocks or my portfolio, will I get a view on those ?

Gold Plus and Gold Premium subscribers have full liberty to put across any question relating to the markets and have them answered.

How should I decide which product will suit me the best ?

If you are looking for medium-term & long-term ideas and also want a more customised and personalised support, we recommend you go for the Gold Plus or Gold Premium Plan. However our Gold plan too is comprehensive enough to help subscribers generate reasonable returns.

What kind of stocks do you generally cover ?

Our area of coverage is predominantly the Nifty 500 index. However, if and when an opportunity arises we shall also cover stocks outside of this index as well.

Are there any discounts ?

Sorry, we don’t offer any discounts. We believe our prices are competitive for the plethora of products that is offered.

Can I cancel at any time ?

Your subscription ends half yearly or yearly as the case might be. As mentioned earlier, there are no refunds or cancellations in the interim.

Is the fees inclusive of all taxes ?

The fee structure presented on the website is excluding GST. As per government regulations, an 18% GST is added to the mentioned prices.

Will you cover cash or F & O stocks ?

Since our area of average is the Nifty 500, our ideas will be both from the cash and F&O segment. We do not have a bias or preference. As and when an opportunity arises, calls will be given irrespective of the segment.

What kind of investors is this service suitable for ?

This service is ideal for investors who adhere to a long-term investment philosophy, as it is designed for those who plan to maintain relationship with us for 3 to 5 years or longer.

Who does this research ?

We have an in-house team of well-qualified research analysts & The team is build by our CEO, Mr Pradip Halder.

It’s fine. We know that the value of our service lies in the continuous research and support that thousands of our customers enjoy year after year.
If you need just a list, go ahead. Best of luck!

What if I am not happy with the recommendations you give me ?

We respect your right to stop using our service. You can request for a cancellation to up to 7 days from the date of commencement of the service. Details are available here : Refund Policy

What about my existing portfolio? Will I get one-on-one advice ?

We understand. As a SEBI registered research analyst firm, we at PHD Capital Pvt Ltd cannot provide any personalized or one-on-one investment advice about existing portfolios or past investments. That would be considered distribution of unauthorized investment advice, which is not permitted under the regulations for us.Our role is to publish research reports and analysis on various sectors, companies, and investment products. Investors can then use these published research materials to make informed decisions about their investments, but we cannot directly advise them on what to buy, sell or hold in their personal portfolios. Maintaining that clear separation is crucial for us to operate compliantly as a research analyst firm registered with SEBI.

We have updated the response to clarify that we do not offer any personalized investment advice services. We provide research and analysis through published reports, but investors must make their own decisions based on that information rather than receiving direct advice from our analysts.

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