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Fundamental Analysis Master Class

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Course Overview

Helps To Analyze The Financial Health Of The Company With The Help Of Basic Analysis, Profit And Loss Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet And Annual Report. Through Analysis It Helps The Investor To Identify The Best Stock That They Can Invest In And Removes The Stocks Which Will Not Give Them The Required Return. Doing A Fundamental Analysis Of The Will Help Investors To Analyze Whether The Company Has Any Growth

Course Details

Benifits Of Fundamental Analysis

Start your part time trading business .You can Trade Intraday/Short Term/Longterm in any market of the world.

Learn the art of stock picking for long term wealth creation.

Learn to trade stocks in both bullish and bearish markets. Learn Definition of Good or bad Strong or weak Stock.

Stop looking for tips and focus on generating the ideas yourself. because it's your money and it should be handled on your own.

Benefit from the power of the 8th wonder in the world – Compounding.

You will be ahead of 90% investors in the world who depend solely on Fundamental Analysis only.

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What you Will learn from this course?

  • Trend & Trend Behaviours
  • What is Trend?
  • Types of Trends?
  • Why Following Trend is very Important
  • How to Follow Trend?What is the Definition of STRONG Stock & WEAK Stock.

  • What is Breakout & Breakdown, Types of Breakout & Breakdown
  • Which type of Breakout We Have To Play.
  • When to Play on Daily Breakout/Breakdown, weekly Breakout/breakdown, Monthly Breakout/breakdown.
  • How to know False/Fake Breakout/Breakdown. Why It Occurs

  • Leading Indicators & Lagging Indicators
  • PRADIP HALDERi's Golden Gate Strategy (PHD CAPITAL's Unique Implementations)
  • How to use different tools for trading (PHD CAPITAL's Unique Implementations)


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