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We have the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial concepts to empower our learners with best practical knowledge and skills that brings transformation in the skill set and mindset and immediately improve the chances of success in life. Our leader Mr. Pradip Halder is the spearhead in this mission. With his 10 years of experience in teaching more than 10,000 student . Pradip Halder’s aim is to improve financial literacy in India, Bangladesh, to enable people to learn about stock markets in the most simplified way. he has been a part of the YouTube community.

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Serial Entrepreneur

Trainer, Motivational Speaker,

PHD Capital

Founder & CEO

This is the story of Mr. Pradip Halder, Founder & CEO of PHD CAPITAL at age 22. The journey to reach at the helm and become a founder and CEO of a company from a Nobody at an early age was a hard time for him.

He was born in a small village of North 24 Parganas in West Bengal. He had a difficult childhood. In a scorching sun, when children of his age would go out to play their loving sport, He would wander across lanes for work. His peers would bully him since he was poor.His Parents were daily wage labourers. They did the best they could do. His struggle against extreme poverty led him to have such persistence and determination that he decided to work hard and become rich. The year was 2012 when he started his journey towards fulfilling his dreams at a tender age of 12. As per the suggestion of a teacher, he started working for creating online wallet accounts for a renowned company. He used to earn a commission of 100 rupees for every account that was successfully created. He joined network marketing as suggested by another teacher. There he attended several meetings and seminars. Eventually, He got in touch with many talented people and this was a new beginning but it was not simple.

He spent many nights at railway station. Despite such hardships, he never lost hope whereas grew an unusual liking for network marketing. This became a breeding ground for his dreams. It was through this network marketing that he was introduced to the share market. At that point he had two options: either to stay poor and continue to struggle throughout or to dream and do something big in life. He started developing his mind-set and skills. There were some ups and downs and there was even a time when he got distracted a little bit and started moving in a different direction. The primary reason for this distraction was so much demotivation that he was getting from the people around.

He had immense faith over himself from the beginning. He always knew somewhere that in order to get something, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. He lost considerable amount of money in share market initially. Then he took up a job of spinning thread in a hosiery factory. He started saving money from what he earned and again invested in the share market. Again, he had a huge loss.

Then he decided to take training from an experienced trainer before investing. But that would require lot of money. He already had a weak financial condition, on top of that he had suffered losses in share market, then there were expenses of his academics and now expenses for training. At this point, one either gives up under pressure or takes chance for one more time. He chose the second option. His mother served as his pillar all through this journey. At last, his mother arranged Rs. 70000 from her self-help group. He enrolled himself in training through this amount invested again in the share market. This time he fell prey to fraudsters in the training business. Once again, he lost everything. He was kicked out to spend three days outside his house. That is when he promised to himself that no more should he rely on anybody else, so he decided to learn by himself about how to do investing. He started reading and did in depth research about share market. He realized, with more risk comes more gain.

He was lucky to meet some good people this time who showed him the right direction. Apart from that he received training from other trainers as well.  He also started working in fisheries just to make more money. He used to work in the fishery in early morning hours from 4:00 am to 8:00 am followed by his academic studies then he would go to school and at night he would research about share market. This was his daily routine. All the hard work finally paid off. He started attending the seminars of famous and renowned motivational speakers and he learnt the power of positivity.

Somewhere around 2016-17, He could see people of his age or older falling prey to the scam of coaching business on share market. That once he had to experience. Surprisingly enough they don’t understand much, they do not even know what is happening with them! It is then that he realized that people need to be guided about share market. He wanted to share the formula he had discovered after struggling in share market for so long. So, he decided to teach this formula to the people. He started educating them and later started an Ed-tech company to impart trainings.

He has trained more than 20 thousand people in the last 3 years. Today he is one of the top entrepreneurs in Kolkata. Pradip Halder’s  PHD Capital is also famous in Bangladesh and Nepal. He has established a huge network across India. His net worth exceeds Crores.

He has a vision to build even a bigger Portfolio Management Service (PMS) house and an Ed-tech venture. Over the years he has learnt a lot of things about the stock market and he believes that “If you really want to make money in stock market then you need to learn how to pick the right stocks at the right time”. He is one of the best stock pickers in India. He is invited by popular news channels for their shows about stock market. He is about to publish his first book “Make Money or Stay Broke” He has received number of Awards and recognitions from popular platforms. If you want to learn more from him then you can follow him on different social media platforms.  

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Pradip Halder

Founder & CEO

Dhananjay Banthia

Mentor & Board of Consultant

Sabarika Debroy

Director & Business Development Manager

Dr. Aminul Islam

Mentor & Board of Consultant

Nishant Mund

Keynote Speaker & Business Development Manager

CA Jude Savio

Compliance Officer

Himanshu Nayak

High Court Advocate - Legal Advisor

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Editor & Graphic Designer

Amrito Sail

Mentor & Board of Consultant